🎓 Class of 2020 🎊

Hello… I was too exhausted last night after kids left to write about Friday night… it was an exhausting week…

So they came over and oldest brought his new game lol… I told my daughter before they got here … watch it’s gonna be Japanese lol

This boy has an obsession with Japanese Manga type games lol… but he is really good at them!!! The rest of us – not so much lol … they are very detailed

When he walked in we laughed and I said “is that a Japanese game?” Cause the cover looked like all the other games he had 😄😄

And he laughed and said NO! It’s not Japanese – it was made in America lol

It was this game with runes? And battles lol … might be American made – but it’s still right up his alley lol – not much different lol

By the end of the game – I finally understood how to play 😄😄✌️

He is very into his games and things. ❤️

When they first got here – I was watching a documentary… lol … it was about “The Last Russian Princesses” 👸… that story is just fascinating but also sad… that history is incredible!

The kids were like – ugh documentary? Lol … umm yeah!!! It’s interesting… but I shut that off, so we could be together ❤️

We put on a graduation and we thought was gonna be stupid and boring … but it was hilarious 😄😄😄 fricken class of 2020!! …

The would read off the names… and show the students photo… then some students sent in a video… these kids were hilarious …

Some attached a Tik Tok video of themselves 🙄😄 … I am not a Tik Tok person lol – I find those kinda dumb (sorry I’m old ✌️)

Everyone looking for attention nowadays lol… whatever

But some were hilarious… some would imitate a viral video? Those were really funny …

Some were purposely funny… and others would be serious but it would still be funny! ❤️Lol

They did a really good job with it… I was impressed.

I had said – “ohhh I will have to order a copy”

And the kids said “no you don’t have to order a copy mum… it’s on YouTube”

So I said… “well just in case YouTube goes out of business”

They laughed at me … “they say” I’m like some YouTube’ers videos about his mom …

Gus Johnson? Lol whatever – no!!

YouTube changes all their rules and really sucks – I don’t understand their rules I just wanna post my videos … so maybe they go out of business – too many rules and ©copywrite crap …

The kids say YouTube is never going out of business because their platform is a good one- nothing else like it

Yeah well… every great empire falls. Don’t ever think a reign won’t end. So I will order one lol 😄✌️

Also … some of these kids did videos with music in it … YouTube strict and I don’t want them flagging for copywrite 🤨 bleh!!!!

So whatever – I like to just have it! Then I don’t have to worry about it going away. “Just incase”

So we had fun… we played this American… but very familiar to his Japanese game lol … by the end I finally understood what I was doing lol – Ironic lol

And we laughed a lot at the graduation … we should just do that… cause who wants to go sit through boring crap with tons of people… speaker after speaker usually sitting out in the hot sun getting burned … waiting only for one person lol … and graduations are never funny or enjoyable usually …

And ALL get to enjoy it… even kids who don’t have family or support ?? They still got to enjoy and not feel bad ❤️ PLUS family and friends from all over everywhere gets to watch!!!

Walking across the stage is momentous – but the hard work is not for recognition… but for your own advancement in life – what really matters is you got through that, and you made it! And 2020 had to contend with Coronavirus…

So on that last day… they did not know would be their last day… and there was no prom, there was no senior ditch day, there was no normal graduation …

So life likes to switch it up – you have to roll with what comes … they missed out on some very traditional events – but the year will be memorable nonetheless, and they still have their achievements for themselves ❤️

This graduation video was awesome – they did an amazing job… we enjoyed it! Congratulations Class of 2020! 🎊 🎓 🎊

It rained last night when the kids were all here… like downpour!! 😮 … so weird for California in June!!! Where am I? Lol

I will take it though – I always love summer rain ❤️❤️❤️

But it chills off… last night was freezing 🥶… and it’s cold today!!

Our high today is only 75! Yes I do say “only”… because I was just in the 100’s … my body is trying to adjust lol … hot cold hot cold omg pick one!!!

But it is nice to get a break from being cooked! Lol

Anyway… I am mellow today… happy but mellow.

I have a few things to do… but I be back a little later 😘✌️


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