Titanium ❤️✌️

So here is exactly how it went down…

Yesterday, I was emailing back and forth with my lawyer, because she wants me to sign that paper – releasing her from my case… I have to actually sign it or she will remove herself and that will look bad on me…

But I told her I would only sign – if she gives me a letter stating he has not paid… and she did.

I will have to sign and mail paper to her.

I then asked … so do we still have court tmrw?

She said that HIS lawyer said nope – just check in on the phone.

She supposably did that. And she tells me courts are closed… nothing set…

Ok… but ya know what… the website says something different … the website says courts are in service and I even found our name scheduled for the hearing today!!

Both lawyers said “No Need” to go!!! She told me the court website was incorrect!!! She even told me they not open yet!!! She’s a fuckin lawyer telling me this!!!

I have ALL of that in writing ✍️

It still didn’t sit well with me… and ya know what… what’s a little time? I can give my time to just make sure. I DON’T TRUST!!

So I go… I’m there first thing…

I was only 3rd in line to get in courthouse… everyone was keeping distant even outside… and everyone had masks on.

I wore my black and pink breast cancer mask ❤️

They came up to me and asked if I was here for Hearing or county clerk… I said ummm well I’m not sure – is family court currently operating and taking cases?

Yes!! They were!!!! Told me to go right in… so I did… I found the courtroom that was scheduled like it said online…

And sure enough at 8:30 those doors opened… so I went in.

They had the seats 💺 all quarantined… you could sit in one seat but the next 3 were blocked off and open seat … like this

💺 ❌❌❌💺❌❌❌💺

So no one was near me… thank god … I didn’t want anyone near me.

I sat there in the corner, just quietly waiting as they went through cases… I paid attention to everything that was said in every case.

I was the last case to be called… I stood up, and they asked are you the only one here?

Yes, I am. Neither attorney showed up… and neither did he.

I’m pretty sure they banked on me not going. So that trial would be set and I’d be fucked.

Because I showed up… and I was the only one respectful of the courts time… I bought myself time. ❤️

I had a moment all to myself with none of them there ❤️

I was able to freely speak ❤️ for the very first time!!! And I was confident – I didn’t cry ❤️❤️ of course none of them were there – they all intimidate me…

I had my voice today ❤️

I told them what was happening and that I needed to take over the case myself and I didn’t really understand things well? So I would like to request time to prepare.

So no trial set. I have time.

The only thing I am nervous about… is now I am without legal counsel … so when I am defenseless he throws motion after motion at me. Until I am buried and I don’t know what I am doing! He is ruthless

He throws everything and anything you can think of at me… so I am a little worried … he is trying to crush me. He’s not playing.

So I just worry a little – Time is good but he could also take full advantage – his lawyer is slimy

They are both disgusting human beings. I don’t speak harshly about anyone!! Except them… cause you don’t even know!! A 20+ year marriage.

He has history of drugs alcohol violence and has been in a mental institution for wanting to attempt suicide… yeah all of that is true and yet here is where I stand … he has been dirty … he was always dirty. I just didn’t see that ☹️

Anyway… I breathe today ❤️… thank god I trusted in myself and went anyway… at the very least I thought … I’m gonna have to do this myself anyway… so if I go and is open – I learn… if I don’t go, he could fuck me more

And I have never spoken before today ❤️. My lawyer always said “keep your mouth shut, it will look better on you” I listened and I got beat up!!

Today was the first time I spoke and freely without intimidation ❤️

So then – on my way home I ran into my landlord and her friend… I was telling her… and I just kinda have always kept my story quiet because – ya know… it’s a lot and how??? How is any of it even possible??!!! Severe abuse of the justice system.

And he’s purjured himself also… cause I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who I am vs what he says. That’s illegal – he made those statements under oath.

So yeah – I have quite the case.

Anyway… I spoke up and just started going over every single thing that happened … my landlord and her friend sat there with their jaws dropped!

They making some phone calls, for 2 matters … to see if any lawyer be willing to help me… and then also an advocate groups who will go after the first lawyer who took off with my money… and this lawyer for not fighting for me… if I lose this – an advocate group go after … I don’t have hopes – no one has helped me yet. I’ve had no protection

The first lawyer I would have to bring up to the state bar… it $450 right off the bat just to file that.

So anyway… I spoke up. It went well…

I won’t tell my story… I will tell my demands first… this is exactly what I want!

And ooooohhhh do I have a list. I want my medical for the rest of my life! Period – I know that’s rare but I’m gonna ask for that- I have had cancer and surely through all this he has shaved years off my life

I’m gonna ask for everything I want …

He’s obviously never going to agree with anything… he wants me broken…

So go ahead – ask me for my story… I’m gonna have it all laid out!!! It’s shocking.

But yeah… he could just beat me up in motions… so… I just have to be together solid… and prepare this perfectly – no errors!!!!

If you actually even just actually opened the file – you could see how bad it was!!!

I am pretty sure he banks on being able to crush me! And he might… but I’m gonna try for myself and see …

And I think… no one in the legal areas or the courts has protected or helped me… and I don’t understand these things…

And I just think it’s time for me to protect myself or try to?? I don’t trust anyone now… so I protect myself pretty well with guys…

I can do this… I can at least try ✌️

And then also… I have never been allowed to speak… I now have no one telling me to “keep my mouth shut”

So now I have freedom to go for the jugular! He should be very worried !!

He underestimates my strength. But he will probably to try to intimidate.

But see … I got my first court win today… and none of them were there – not even by phone! So my strength grows.

Watch it… yeah I might have an element of danger lol … when you back an abused animal into the corner… it will attack to get out.

So that will happen ✌️😘 if anything I will go down fighting…

He could have just been a human being… and we could have worked together – I am workable- I will work with you… I can work with anyone – except him.

Instead he was ruthlessly and brutally awful…

Well hopefully – I think I can? Let’s see how strong I am. 😘✌️

In this entire case… I have never once lied… I have never thrown mud… I have never spoken… I have never played dirty

I don’t have to. He has constantly lied, says horrific things about me just to make sure court has that… true or not, to try to make me look horrible. He has zero morals and plays really dirty and also does not believe any rules or orders are for him… he is in contempt of court in several areas.

The only thing… I worry for my daughter… cause this is going to get ugly. I will have to maintain a little mercy for her behalf.

He didn’t care about me with that here, crushing me… but he doesn’t care about the kids – only himself…

While he is literally the only person alive I actually feel hate towards… I have never “hated” anyone before !!! He’s the first. Hopefully the last!!! I hate hate!!!

I think about the fact that he is the kids father and thats where my mercy comes from – for them. Only for them.

But I don’t know. I’m not going to go easy. I’m going for the jugular now… All I have to do is tell the truth and lay out what I want… I will have my evidence and my story to back up every single thing! Ask me for my story – go ahead

So who’s gonna win… good? Or evil? Let’s see

I am little nervous trial would be by telephone or zoom? Cause they are doing that? That’s good and bad

Good because they can’t intimidate me on the phone … and bad because I want to make sure everything understood and heard?

Today I had my turn to speak for the first time ❤️


8 thoughts on “Titanium ❤️✌️

Add yours

    1. Check your spam comments. One I just made (not spam!) is missing – probably because I included links.

      Follow up to that comment: my freind’s mother was an evil witch. When she died, we were surprised by several hundred people who showed up to her funeral. They were all people she’d helped while working at the Legal Aid Society. She was apparently a compassionate person with clients and a shark in court.

      Long story short, don’t be afraid to ask for their help… it’s what they do and many (most?) love it!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to ask for help… but where I live – they don’t do that… I will look at those links and look up that legal aid society definitely

        But through all this – I have tried to find help. But I have nothing so I can’t afford…

        I even went to see a lawyer who is a shark and works on the side pro bono at Loaves and Fishes… but he said because I wasn’t currently homeless, I would have to pay him… and I can’t and I’m not willing to go homeless again.

        So where I live people aren’t that compassionate … especially lawyers – it’s always the almighty dollar 💵

        I barely survive so compassion in this area is for those who have money

        But maybe I can find help or at least info with the links you sent ❤️


    2. Yeah, I do hope I could have a little help.. but I also don’t hold my breath… I’m going to approach it … like I have it do it alone.

      If help is found that be a bonus… but if not – I will carry on and try my best.

      But I was happy with how everything went. And they made a point to note in court records that I was the only one who showed up at all! So that’s in there.


    1. Oh that was weird… I had to approve this post 🤨😄… I was like … ummm she’s already approved – what’s this? Lol … that was weird… must be because of the links

      Ooohhh thank you for the links… I will definitely look through those!! ❤️


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