Death 😮

Ok… so I went to my law class today. Went over all the specific laws on what I can say, what we can’t say… what specific laws are regarding cremations and burials, etc.

I got a certificate from the class – which I have to give to my boss and that is supposed to be hung on the wall in the office 😳😮

But that’s not all… I now have to study what we went over today… in preparation for the California exam… so I can be licensed as a funeral arranger in the State of California.

Ok … so flash cards then. These will not be easy to completely memorize – I will need constant flash cards.

And umm … then they talking to me about getting AA degree to get Funeral Director License 😳😮

So ok… I didn’t totally expect my profession to be “death” … not like that … not all neck deep in it 😳😮

Ok let me think here…

It will be all death all the time 😳😮… I could do that right? 😳

I would have a “career”… just like that 😮

I never thought or imagined it would be this!

Ok so… death… this totally fell in my lap completely!! 😮 what just happened? 😮

So my life would be filled with death… I could do that right?

I have high spirits – all these other amazing women are supportive and have high spirits also!! I fit in sooo smoothly with these women – they are amazing ❤️

It’s a peaceful kind of job in some areas, and I’m good with empathy. I am also OCD with details when I do things.

I didn’t really know what direction I wanted … do I take death??? 😳😮

Death is not something I planned on totally sinking into 😳 I just thought be a second job while I figure everything out?

I am currently the Administrative Assistant …

At the time I got this, it was a side job – next to my school job…

After this exam… I will be a funeral arranger 😳

And then I keep going… I didn’t expect death to be a big part of my life at all… not like this!

Totally did not see that coming … it’s good maybe? … I’m just a little thrown off.

Every time I take something … I aim for it because I believe it will be an asset in some way?

I did that with the police… I knew I would be safe with them, I knew that would be good on resume, and I knew they be the fastest way to know the community and get connections… I knew they would be my spring board…

The golf course job fell in my lap… that one I hated at first… I was stiff in the beginning lol … I was really shy and used to avoiding men, alcohol had caused so many issues with my ex… so at first I hated that job… I made myself give it a month- then reevaluate …

My boss had my back there – and I had fun… I loosened up … I laughed everyday, loved my golfers!! Had so much fun in that job… I ended up working there for 5 years before I got the breast cancer … they still ask for me ❤️ that job lifted my spirits

Then I aimed for the school… I knew at a school, I wouldn’t be hit on… and wouldn’t have to deal with that at a school.

I was right… I could be at ease there – I didn’t have to have my guards up so high at school and those kids were so full of life and brightness ❤️ god I miss those kids! They brightened my world even more!!!

But I needed another job in addition to… I wasn’t surviving.

I stopped for a minute and thought … I went through so much loss and devastation … maybe I would find peace at a funeral home and it could help me get through things and also help others through things

I needed something with peace and something that I could use empathy with.

It’s been a great peace to me. So far … I really like the job… and I love everyone in my network with this job – they are amazing women… very supportive and happy… I fit in so perfectly

My life just leads into things …

I just didn’t expect it to lead into death lol 😳

For now… I’m just going to see what happens.

Definitely did not see this coming – Totally fell into this.

Could death possibly make my life brighter? 😳 I never ever saw death as opportunity and now …maybe? 😮 whoa 😳 that’s a little mind blowing…

I guess someone has to do this stuff right? And I do fit in… which is really weird too!!!

And it is something that effects every life …

One thing though… death doesn’t take a break… it does not stop just because it is after hours, and death does not take holidays or time off…

Death comes when it wants to – you have no say… death will own me 😮

And it’s already seeping into my life… one of my friends called me earlier to ask me about the 5 stages of death 🤨… and added “I figured you would know because you work at a funeral home” 😮🤨 lol

So ok then… did not expect death to be knocking at my door like this lol 😮✌️

Class went well. I just question if I want my life so filled with death? That’s a little weird to think of it like that.

I’ll be back when able… I have to prepare more … but I will read probably on Saturday ✌️

Gnite ✌️

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    1. Ha! Yeah – life does do that!! It likes to have a lot of fun with me evidentially lol … it’s just crazy with the directions it takes my life 😮 I don’t always see it coming!!

      I thought my bubbly-ness and funniness might be an issue here??

      But everyone who works in this business is extremely happy?? They smile really BIG… just like me… they have incredible senses of humor!! Just like me… they are REALLY thoughtful and empathetic.. just like me… I match them, and enjoy them!! 😮

      You do have to be extremely respectful with death!! And to help the living get through those moments … well I can’t really describe that?? I like helping others through things… and I can relate intensely ? You feel a connection and you can take their hand and help them walk through that. So I do connect there

      And it kinda helps me SORT OF process death myself? And there is an incredible sense of peace oddly

      Cause I like to avoid things I don’t like lol… death always was so umm?? Devastating ?? Makes me cry and breaks my heart…

      So while I was busy ignoring the crushing blow of death… it turned around and hugged me 😳😮 wtf lol

      I wonder if most people in this profession are these overly happy bubbly people, because you have to be to kinda do this?? I didn’t see that before this

      And then… you also kinda get a better grasp on life and death? Sorta … I think ??

      I try and think if would be asset when my mom dies. I think maybe? Not totally because I will still be crushed? But maybe I am supposed to be here when that all goes down… is life putting me in a area that will help me? Instead of crush me?

      Maybe this meant for me 😮 I just didn’t expect “my thing” to be death 😳 that’s just so weird to me!! Wrapping my brain around it a little bit still

      But my life does this … it throws things in my life that I need… so maybe? Maybe was meant for me? 😮

      I think too much lol ✌️

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  1. Seems like an interesting option to explore. As you know, if you decide you don’t like it then you can change jobs. You don’t have to decide your life now.

    Are they willing to pay for school for you to get an AA? If so, that’s a great opp that could lead anywhere!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is. I was thinking the same thing… and I would have that training to fall back on. Would be easy to get back in if I wanted.

      I am not sure if they would pay for the AA degree 📜

      I know with California tuition for a state resident at a state school is free… as long as you have been resident of the State of California for 6 months… what would need to be paid for would be the classes and materials or books.

      So maybe they would? I don’t know … I have to pass this first and kinda get used to the arranging … it would take awhile – which is fine.

      So we see – they ease me in… which I like … but that was the first I heard about funeral director. 😳

      We see where life takes me


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