Good night ❤️

Before the kids got here, I had to go get daughters yearbook and had to run to store…

Was pretty quick actually… then Friday night began. I made a quick dinner and we ate… and then we chit chatting…

My oldest is doing that Keto diet? He hasn’t been doing that long but has lost noticeable weight… he’s actually really loving this diet – but he eats weird now. Lol ✌️

Forgive me if I get this wrong.. but what? Is protein and fat basically… no carbs or whatever? Something like that.

He is switching his system from burning sugars – to burning fat? I guess works?? He is saying he feels soooooo much better… he has that soy allergy and soy is in everything!! 😮

He did look really good, healthier and thinner? His face was bright tonight! Is going well and he is happy with the diet.

Then they show me this 😮😮…

It’s only a parody… but they should totally make that!!! Please make that!!!

I adore Paper Mario ❤️ this is the new one coming out…

And then it was a night of unfunny things and cards lol…

They think this stuff is funny…

Veggietales predicts modern internet humour…

And this next one … they all just died laughing 🙄

evolution of comedy

They laugh at stuff and then I say “lemme see”…

They say “you won’t get it”

“You don’t know that, let me try” lol

So they begrudgingly show me… and yup they are correct or I get it but just do not see the humor? This is not the humor I instilled in these people – somehow it got warped lol 😘😄✌️

My oldest played this for me… cause I just kinda like this, ever since Sesame Street lol ✌️ … it’s just cute and funny to me and makes me smile… (ok maybe I see where things got warped lol 😄✌️)

Anyway… I am sorry for this next one – but this really really really made me laugh ❤️ like they do with the unfunny stuff lol ✌️…

Then we all played cards … oldest mostly won, but 18 yr old won once!! Neither me or daughter won tonight 🤨😄😑✌️

That was pretty much the evening – we laughed and didn’t laugh lol … and then played some games

Oldest showed us a “pick a card” trick… he is really good with card tricks – he used to have magic kits when he was little – he was into that and card tricks lol – he has many awesome card decks lol

But yeah – that was our night ❤️ I wish Friday’s were everyday!!

I have a zit on my face 😝😝😝 how did that get there? Must be my stress?? Ugh … it’s right under my nose 👃… and it’s those ones that hurt 😝

It has to be the stress – I never ever get zits 😝 ugh Yuk… luckily is covered by wearing a mask!! Was probably aided in creation BECAUSE of the mask lol… it gets hot under that mask!!!

Also… I have reading glasses – I need them to read tiny writing lol … I read labels and things in store… but then it fogs up the glasses and I can’t see a thing anyway 😝 I have to hold my breath for a minute to read something with that mask on!

I am becoming quite the speed reader lol 😄✌️🤨

But yeah that mask gets hot!! And makes my glasses all foggy when I need to read something!

It’s an inconvenience but whatever – I feel better having it for my own self lol ✌️

I am late telling the happenings because we were laughing at the yearbook lol…

They have a whole section all about Corona and everything that happened lol

They even have photos of kids homeschooling 😄 came out really good. Is a really nice yearbook for 2020.

Was a good night ❤️ as always ❤️

Hope everyone else had a good night too! Be safe ✌️

Back tmrw 😘✌️ Gnite

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  1. I don’t know about keto…some people swear by it. I almost went into it myself so that I could recover faster after my marathons (it supposes to cause less inflamation to the body compares to eating carb – for athlete is a good thing), but after reading about it, I have to say, not for me. People on keto are literally starving themselves, by depriving the body carbs so it would switch to burning fat instead of sugar – this is a stage of starvation. I guess good for people trying to lose weight, but I think it causes havoc on the body.

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    1. It seems to be working really well for him and he is happy with it… he is looking better and losing weight

      He did say first week was really difficult while his body switched over, but now he feels so much better.

      I had heard makes you hungry all the time from depriving carbs – but he said that is not the case for him.

      I worry, but I guess we all make our own decisions about what’s best.

      And I do want him not to hurt like he was… spy products make him bloat and actually hurt him- he was complaining about pains before, and having hard time breathing?

      He decided to try this and seems to be working for him?

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      1. I do prefer having a mask than no protection at all… even if isn’t foolproof – it gives me a sense of safety, even if might be a false sense of security.

        It’s just really really hot, and annoying and a definite surefire way to fog up glasses 🤓🤨😄

        Watch I’m gonna get used to it and then always want a mask for protection just in case lol ✌️😄 … maybe

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