Cooking cookies 😄✌️

Last night… I went to bed after I posted… daughter woman stayed up per usual… Miss Night Owl 🦉 lol

About maybe an hour after I went to bed… there was this smell…

At first it was a familiar really yummy smell… Mmmm I smell chocolate… oh wait it’s cookies 🍪

Then the smell turned really umm? BOLD ?? 😳 … so I got back up to see what was going on… are you burning my home down? Lol

I had made cookies the other day. My daughter likes to have them fresh out of the oven and nice and warm – she also dips them in milk (😝 I am not a cookie dipper lol – don’t care if chocolate chip or Oreos – I don’t dip lol… I don’t like it soggy and dripping 😄😘)

She wanted them warmed up… to mimic being freshly made in that moment…

Well I don’t know what she was thinking ?? Possibly not thinking …

Cause I said “what are you doing?”

She replied… “I wanted the cookies to be warm, so I microwaved them”

Oh, well did you burn them or something?

I burned 3, but 2 seem ok…

I asked how long she microwaved for… and she tells me … one minute and 30 seconds 😳😮😄 and I laughed cause Oh my god! I told her that was WAY too long!! Lol

She asked me how long she should have done – I said “10 second intervals to make sure not to ruin” lol

I told her they were probably all junk cause that is way way way too long – they all had to be burnt!! Lol … she insisted 2 seemed ok…

I watched her take small bites and heard the rock like crunch 😄😄 and then she said – yeah they all burnt 😄😄

I said “that’s ok, I made alot- just a get more, throw those away, they no good.”

To which she said “ that was the last of them” 😮😄 what?? Lol … well then I guess no cookies 🍪 for you tonight lol

Instead she pulled out a sweet treat I have in the freezer… is a chocolate thing you have to heat up in the microwave 😄😄

I said “open one side of the package, place in the microwave, and DON’T do a minute and 30 seconds, only 15 seconds at a time” 😄😄

She did that twice and it worked for her lol.

We don’t use the microwave a whole lot… either for defrosting, reheating or warming up… is usually me lol …

Perhaps microwave cooking lessons be in order here lol… one day someone will be a college student – and will need that skill when mom isn’t there 😄😄✌️❤️

The smell of burnt cookies slightly lingers in my home this morning lol 🍪

Also… I forgot to show this last night on my last post… I always try to expose my kids to past culture because I want them to be cultured and see what came before them… 🎶 music, 🎞 film, just so they know more than what’s been around while they have been alive…

Last night … they did show me this ❤️ … they love these old clips and they did find this really funny and it is ❤️…

That was something we all laughed at… connection through classics ❤️✌️ love that!

10 thoughts on “Cooking cookies 😄✌️

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    1. 😄😄 … I did that at work the other week – burnt my lunch lol .. it was gross – was because I followed the directions – but left it at that and did not pay attention to the power of the ‘wave 😄✌️

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha right??? I loved that math too!! And usually I hate math!! Lol – I liked that version ALOT!! 😄✌️

      Ewww 😝 I like my Oreos hard … and my cookies are soft anyway…

      I prefer to wash it down instead lol … definitely not a dipper 😄✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… yeah I don’t like drippy even if doesn’t get soggy lol … just a personal preference…

      I am weird with foods like that…

      As a kid… I didn’t want my food touching – and I would eat each thing one at a time as I turned my plate- food was not allowed to touch lol

      I am NOT that bad now 😄 I have gotten better with that since I was a kid…

      But I still have ways 😄✌️

      Liked by 2 people

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