My favorite day ❤️

I’m so excited – it’s Friday ❤️

I have to run to the store – but I’m dragging my feet cause I don’t like that lol…

I never liked going to stores before – now my dislike is even more lol … but whatever – you gotta do what ya gotta do.

We also get my daughters yearbook this afternoon!! I am so excited to see it!!!

I can not even imagine how they put together this years yearbook! Lol

She graduates high school in the year 2025 😮 … that sounds far off but is only like 5 years from now 😳😮

When did my babies all grow up!! Now what do I do??

What do you do after being a mom?? That will and has already started being a thing…

I see her now… and she’s very social and confident – knows everyone and has a ton of friends… she’s always wanting to gallivant off with her people lol

Ummm hello … lonely mom over here who wants to keep you forever lol – I’m kidding a little bit lol ✌️

But it is weird to see them all grow up.

I was a mom young… I am a really good mom… I feel very at ease with kids.

Now what chapter of life, do I do?? 😮 I will be a little lost cause that was my thing – being a mom.

I’m always a mom, but I mean raising people. Now what? lol

I don’t even know ??

I’m not young, I look young – sometimes people think my oldest is older than me 😄😄 especially when he has a beard 😄😄 that red beard 😄😄 (that kills me every time he grows a beard – all other hair is a brown color – only his beard grows in red 😄😄 it makes me laugh ❤️ that is from me 😘✌️)

He gets mistaken for my date ALL the time, when people don’t know he is my son!! Lol

He is taller and bigger than me now… both boys are… the girl is inching her way to take me over too!! I am gonna be little compared to all of them 😮

When did I shrink? Lol

Ok I suppose I should move it… cause I took more of a breather today – but I do need to get to the store, so we can get our Friday on ❤️

Friday’s are my favorite ❤️

Except next Friday – I really don’t like next Friday. That’s going to be a hard day.

But whatever – gonna savor this Friday for now ❤️✌️

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