Baby steps ❤️

Ok that wasn’t so bad lol… sorta …

Literally the minute I posted the last post… my funeral home was surrounded by police and up the street was police ambulance and fire… they had the helicopter 🚁 going … I work in the hood lol ✌️ I do though.

They had all the streets blocked

I’m telling you!!! Really bad day!!

I believe it was a felony assault with vehicle 😮 omg really??? Of all days and all times!! Had to pick then!! Felony assault with a vehicle 🤨😮 so someone tried to run someone else over 😮 Oh my god!

But whatever – keep it comin ✌️

Then the guy comes and picks me up… he’s a young guy? Maybe 30’s? Russian – had a really thick accent… but he was really sweet!! I sat in the back. It’s a rule – with a mask 😷

Then half way home we get caught in this downpour and thunder and lightening all of that. Just total downpour cause you know – why not keep going? Pile it up Lol

But I had a really nice ride – he was nice to talk to and I didn’t feel ?? Uneasy? He talked to me the entire ride lol

And even brought me all the way to my door! 😮 very sweet cause it was down pouring like insane of course and I had all my crap with me!!

I am still totally soaked… head to toe!! Just changed but hair is soaking wet! Like I showered lol

It is still down-pouring… and thundering and lightening … but my landlord recently totally fixed my roof so that’s not leaking at all ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy about that part.

So I am home now. My bed is calling my name but I have to do a couple things 🤨 day is not over 😮

I still don’t have the car back, I’m not sure I will? We see?

I have my other car which I haven’t gotten rid of… it’s kind of a junker – but I love that car and it’s good to me… I needed a new one because it is old and gonna die soon – I was not comfortable with the new car yet, so I waited and did not get rid of it – thank god!!!!!!!

So I still have a car – it was the first thing I ever owned for myself. I love that car – and the back window has Pokémon decals all over it… I bought it because of that and I could afford it. It’s been good to me.

So I started it up – works fine still … I will just use that. It is still registered and insured ❤️ oh thank god ❤️

See I do things that work out ish sometimes lol

This little Toyota just keeps going … the only problem is – there is no ac… is all heat all the time 😳 so… I will look lovely when I arrive places over the summer lol. If I don’t die first lol

But hey – it’s wheels I’ll deal with it ❤️✌️ I can still work tmrw and I am not in complete panic ❤️ ahhh

So whatever.

Bad day… but I took it in stride. Handled it – was a little tense – but ya know … I got this… I have been through worse.

Only a moment in time anyway. Life goes up and down … you roll with what you get.

And also… reasons … there was reasons why I kept the Toyota and didn’t let go yet!!! And there were reasons this other car died like that right now…

Watch it will come together even better than before

You don’t get any rainbows without going through the storms 😘✌️ I can walk through storms no problem (other than a little initial panic lol) but once I absorb it – I get a grip usually … I just don’t like the initial smack down lol

I just have to get over that fear stuff and the trusting thing. I am trying to think differently- that’s hard cause immediately I want my guards up lol… I can’t just simply trust.

And then… the fear thing 🤨 I haven’t figured either thing out yet. I will though eventually

Little by little … baby steps ✌️

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  1. Don’t forget to give your driver a 5star rating, and tip!
    I’m glad you had a good experience! I use Lyft when ridesharing cause in the beginning they were doing far superior background checks of drivers. I’m guess both services are the same now. I’ve always had great drivers with them. In fact, now that I think about it, the only bad driver I ever had was when friends booked through Uber. That driver looked and acted just like Dave Chappelle’s crack character. We honestly would have been safer with me driving, even after a bunch of cocktails. As it was, I had to keep giving the guy directions to undo maneuvers he had no reason to make (taking a freeway exit instead of the interchange; slooowly driving the kast 2 blocks toward our destination then suddenly punching the gas just as he got there….)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup – gave him 5 stars and tipped well.

      He was telling me he used to work for Lyft … but they don’t care about their drivers only profit… but he loves being with Uber

      Was a nice car! He was very gentlemanly – not creepy or scary… just a nice guy.

      Hahaha on the Dave Chappell’s driver lol 😄😄 that is hilarious!! That sounds like it was an adventure 😄😄


      1. “Adventure” is a nice perspective. Definitely a good story. But we literally are lucky he didn’t drive even more recklessly. Looking back, we should have made him drop us somewhere and gotten another ride. But by the time we realized he was as F-ed up as he looked, there was nowhere safe to be dropped.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh wow!! He was seriously messed up while driving?? 😮😮 whoa!! Did you report that? That’s crazy!

        Maybe wild ride is more appropriate than adventure


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