My favorite season ❤️

I love the feeling of summer ❤️ I actually love everything about summer … wait … no … that’s not true…

Quick little hate list – snakes, spiders, tons of bugs, fires, and losing power 🤨

But outside of those things – I LOVE summer!!!

I love when the day stretches into the night… how it stays lighter later than normal… on the summer equinox, June 21st, it can stay light out until 8:30p-9!!!

It does kinda mess me up a little, cause I think it’s still early when it’s actually late lol … but days last seemingly forever for a moment.

And the heat… I do like heat – only now that I am older, the extremes are kind of harder. I still like it – it’s just VERY hot 🥵♨️♨️♨️ (👈 I dont really know what that’s a symbol for? But it looks like heat to me, like a hot stove? Lol)

I live in America, so we have the 4th of July coming ❤️🇺🇸❤️ … I’m so excited for that!! I always am, every year … this year might be disappointing, but I kinda doubt it – it’s one of my most favorite holidays ❤️

Right about now, you start seeing everyone with their flags 🇺🇸 … there is a ranch not far from me – on the road I take to town… and the person has American flags on ALL of their fence posts 😮 … yes I said ALL of them!! 😮 is like a sea of American flags waving in the wind! 😮🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 … these ranches are huge so that fence is never ending 😮

Some will have them on their cars or homes, in their yard – whatever – Flags everywhere for our 4Th ❤️ gets you all excited – ok well “me”, it gets ME excited lol … cause I know the 4th is coming 👏👏👏

We have BBQs all day long – you just outside – eating food, apple pie, listening to music, having a good time with people you enjoy

We also have parades and sometimes amusement rides and things ❤️

Is kind of a lot of socialization going on 😳 – so that’s all probably “not” gonna happen?

Many people do their own friends and family bbqs anyway. So small bbqs probably this year – nothing from city probably?

Then comes night …

The brilliant fireworks… oh yes!! I love the fireworks shows 💥 I love the booms and the sparkles of light raining down… usually they put it to music in my town – they actually play good songs that match the show!!! I like when the shows last for an hour or more!! Usually it’s 30 min, but small towns will cut that down to line 10 or 20 minutes – my town does a pretty good show for being a small town

The national anthem is always there too 🇺🇸❤️ but again … fireworks also is a lot of socializing… so that’s probably not happening either

I will get a 4th even if the cities don’t do their fireworks… because people will buy illegal fireworks and set those off. They aren’t supposed to, it’s illegal lol… but that doesn’t stop people from shit! ✌️

So regardless – there is always a show! 💥 (sorry to the ones who have a hard time with fireworks) I have never done illegals myself…

I personally only stick to the sparklers – which BTW, are really lame in California… So lame!! Where are the metal ones?? I hate the wooden ones!!

I also like snake “fireworks”… you light it up on the ground and the ash comes up just like a snake, kinda boring but I just like that – childhood memories too ❤️ that one is peaceful – something simple and quiet.

But like I said, there is always gonna be a show. The illegals get shot off all night long!! Literally – all night long across every city!

I can actually sleep through anything – so is not a bother to me personally.

You also have the “legal” fireworks that people buy from the fireworks stands, that suddenly pop up all over the place, lol (they disappear as fast as they come too… after the 4th – they are gone)

People usually set those off in the streets .. good luck driving by, if you are trying to get anywhere through a neighborhood lol

I just love all the food on the 4th and is hot… all the smells… it’s just quite awesome ❤️

And even if you aren’t American… I am sure you have a love for your country too right? It’s a part of you.

Even with me… I am from the east coast / but I live on the west now… I still have a love and a pride from being where I am from back east.

East is no better than west, and vise versa – they are each amazing … it is different though. I just have a love for the area I come from – very much similar to the love for my country. 🇺🇸

Ok and my favorite story revolves around the 4th 😄❤️ …

My Mother’s due date to give birth to me… was actually July 4th… I was supposed to be a all-american baby

The one and ONLY time in my life that I was late … yup – my own birth lol ✌️😄

But it was too late to change the celebration – so my birthday just starts on the 4th … even though it’s truly not until the 7th lol … yeah I take that liberty and then have that all month long … even if it’s just me doing that lol ✌️❤️

It doesn’t truly mean anything, other than me enjoying that

I told that story to each child as they were growing up 😄😄✌️

The boys… they just always let me be happy with whatever ❤️

The girl 🤨 … she questions lol

She would say… that’s so not true. The Fourth of July 🇺🇸 is for the celebration of freedom

To which I answered … why yes, my freedom from the womb 😄😄❤️ I’m sorry it was funny ❤️ I was quite delighted by that!! She rolled her eyes lol

She stands very firm – my story is not true – but I still like to tell that story 😘😄✌️ – grandchildren will hear that story lol

The story is true only for me… so I just run with it lol 😘✌️ it delights me … literally like every single time lol – it never gets old … I believe I may have told that story my entire life? lol … I really don’t remember a time without that story lol

So you also have my birthday located there in summer when it’s all hot too! ❤️

One thing missing this year is Baseball ☹️ … so kinda miss that. Baseball and summer just go together – I miss Fenway in the summer ❤️

I just totally love summer – it is my favorite season ❤️

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  1. All fireworks are illegal here – no booths for legal “safe & sane” fireworks, but I can drive to certain cities in Orange County to get them (still illegal to set them off here).

    For me, the 4th represents little more than spending the day worrying about what time to close up the house and turn on all the fans to drown out the noise for my kitties.

    The Queen Mary has historically put on an amazing show. All kinds of fun fireworks… hearts and smiley faces and peace signs, along with the traditional “flower” shapes (that’s what the makers say they are).

    You can pay to spend the day on the QM, for closest viewing (and hearing the music) at 9:30pm, but there’s nowhere to sit so I’ve never understood what you’re supposed to do all day (you have to be there around 2pm if you want a parking space). The harbor fills with private boats having parties!! The last time I went, the show was a major disappointment compared to other years (ownership of the QM keeps changing hands) so I haven’t gone back.

    My best 4th ever: I was driving home from somewhere, on an elevated section of freeway and saw at least 30 different firework shows going on. That was super cool!

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    1. 😮😱 I did not know was illegal in areas… wow… but your area has all kinds of EXTRA rules and regulations!!

      We are allowed to here – but only the ones that do not shoot up into the sky… if they shoot in the sky – that is definitely illegal!! Lol

      In Massachusetts, it’s completely illegal … no fireworks allowed period – only the cities may do fireworks shows … however … that whole area is so tiny, you can drive through many states in a short time… New Hampshire allows fireworks, and is right next door – so people just drive to NH, buy them and cross state lines back into Massachusetts… they used to set police at the borders to make sure no illegal fireworks, but I think is just too big for them to deal with – people find a way! (Is the same thing with the stupid sales tax… NH has none… so big ticket items and things – you just go to NH… Mass loses out on that)

      I used to have a chihuahua who was afraid of those things too, so know how it can be with that.

      Oh I love the shaped explosions!! Sooo cool!! They do those here too!

      Oh yeah I can totally imagine!!! That must be absolutely packed … I wouldn’t like that… I would do a private boat instead or be on shore.

      Up until last year, I never missed a year of fireworks ❤️ … I missed last year because I was not doing well , and about to have surgery – I was not allowed around anyone for awhile because they didn’t want me catching anything that would delay the surgery.

      I have had many many many amazing 4th’s – but that one last year sucked – I missed it. Wasn’t doing well enough to go watch the illegals.

      Not totally sure how this year gonna play out? Is my first 4th since all the medical stuff is over.


      1. It will be interesting to see if cities have major firework shows this year. I suspect they will… they’ll claim to enforce social distancing but it won’t happen.

        Since DLand usually does great fireworks every night from Memorial to Labor day, I used to just drive to that area if I wanted to see a show. I’ve heard that the July 4 spectators cause traffic to come to a complete stop. I think I heard that the park is aiming to reopen with major restrictions, on Jul 3.

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      2. Oh traffic involved with these fireworks shows is horrendously horrible!!! Ugh – Thats the worst part is getting out after is over lol – can take hours lol

        It will be very interesting to see what they do this year!

        Now that we are open up here – we are in stage 3 opening but it’s like back to normal… some people wear masks – but many don’t or have it hanging under their chin 🤨

        It makes your face hot, fogs up glasses, is inconvenient – I get it… but I don’t think many really truly see the danger??

        I heard that Disney is reopening – that’s gonna be interesting – I heard about their restrictions … you won’t be able to freely touch things in a store and will need to ask for staff assistance should you want that.

        They should just do an app, with the items being sold… order it on the app – then pick up

        This is going to be very interesting to watch Disney reopen!! 😮


      3. I read that Disney will start at only 25% capacity. Considering how many people they let on now, it will probably be more like when I was a kid. The daily limit was so low that you had to get there before opening. I remember standing at the velvet rope, waiting to be allowed onto Main St – and the RUN to be first in line for The Matterhorn!!

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      4. I heard that too…

        My parents used to make us get up and go before everyone else lol… we would be one of the first in line for things always lol

        I always remember Disney being crazy busy… both Disney’s … world and land

        “World” is my first Disney – and the one I consider amazing …sooo big … and I have been there more times than I can count or remember – have gone to “world” all my life

        Only when moved here have we done “Land” … it was so teeny tiny compared lol – very different yet some is the same – so that was weird

        Both were always insane busy but I do remember old things about them… in Disney world when I was little little – you used to have to buy individual tickets at ticket booths around the park for the rides.

        And I remember many of the old classic rides that are now gone.

        My very favorite ride was always Haunted House – I loved taking a ghost home at the end lol – yes come with me now lol

        My dads favorite was Pirates 🏴‍☠️ of the Caribbean … I do love that one too!

        And my mothers was It’s a Small World – which I also love … but no one else seems to love that lol ✌️😄


      5. I’ve only been to D Land. My nieces and nephews lived on the block behind back when admission was free and they had the A to E tix. 5 A’s made an E, which were for the best rides. People always left with unused A-C tix and my relatives would collect them in the parking lot then go inside to ride.

        In my teens, capacity increased to 60k a day. It’s now 85k but whereas it used to be common for the park to reach max and close, it’s news if it does now – I think they include CA Adventures in their limit, which adds 33,000.

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