Heat 🔥

My time today gonna be slim 😮 I am building a shed with my landlord. Omg bad day to do that!!! Because our temperature will be 104 😮😮😮 🔥🔥🔥 yikes… I am gonna have to be drinking tons of water and be all white with lotion 😮

I need to do this today cause rest of week I am busy! Maybe Wednesday be somewhat less hectic but I dunno? Is all the end of year stuff at school this week.

They getting yearbooks and returning instruments or laptops. They doing by last name… A-H comes at like 8am 🤨😄 … ugh that is not gonna be a fun morning

It can be scary to wake a sleeping teenage girl and make her hustle…

Ugh today gonna be hot 🥵- I will be complaining later 😳

Ok water & lotion!! 🧴 it’s already hot right now!! We see how long into the heat this goes 😳 do not fry me please 🙏

I am kinda limited on my assistance … but whatever – my right side is bad and I can’t lift really heavy things. But I do what I am able to. We have someone else coming to help too… I’ll be wearing a mask 😷

At least my face won’t be burned lol… the rest of me be like a lobster 🦞… but my face be all white lol

We are gonna have to take breaks here and there. Oh boy – this gonna be a tough day.

Ok bring the heat 😳🔥 just keep the snakes away!!! 🙏🙏🙏

I have to go ✌️ back when able


Oh so much heat!! Ok have to go ✌️😘 bye for now 👋

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